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About EDI

Employment and Disability Institute

EDI conducts research and provides continuing education and technical assistance on many aspects of disability in the workplace. Since 1968, researchers and practitioners at the Cornell ILR School with expertise in disability have helped companies, labor organizations, government agencies, schools, and communities throughout the United States and abroad to accommodate and integrate individuals with disabilities. The EDI team consults with policy makers, disability advocates, and rehabilitation program professionals.

EDI contributes to developing inclusive workplace systems and communities in a variety of ways. The EDI team engages in research and produces scholarly articles, develops training materials, conducts training sessions domestically and internationally, and offers technical assistance on a wide array of disability-related matters. EDI expertise embraces legal mandates and operational issues, an all-encompassing perspective that enables us to help transform public policy into practice.

EDI provides technical assistance, training, and research in the following topic areas:

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