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  After You're Accepted

What happens once I am admitted?

The procedures for accessing accommodations vary by college so it's very important to contact the disabilities office at your college and ask about their process.

If you sent your documentation along with your application, don't assume that the office for disability services has gotten your documentation from the admissions office.

Once you're admitted, some colleges will mail out a disability identification form which should be completed and returned with copies of your documentation. It's very important to make sure you have current and complete documentation sent to the disabilities office before you take placement exams (if required at your school) and before classes begin in order to avoid a delay in the provision of accommodations.

If you attend a summer orientation program and/or come to campus to take placement tests, call ahead and schedule time to meet with a staff member from the office for disabilities while you're on campus. If a campus visit is not possible, you shouldn't hesitate to call and speak with a disability service provider during the summer or before the semester begins to make that personal contact. Check that the office has received all necessary documentation and paperwork, before you schedule your first appointment.

Self-advocacy is extremely important! Become knowledgeable about your disability, and how it impacts you academically.

Find out about other services on campus that may be helpful, such as tutoring programs, study skills/writing centers, and personal counseling. If you're unsure how to advocate for yourself with professors, most disability providers will assist you in developing your skills, so don't hesitate to ask. In some cases, the disability provider will advocate for you if your efforts have not been successful.

All accommodations are determined by the staff person in the disability services office and are based on the documentation provided. Once the documentation requirements have been met, an individualized assessment of your needs will be done to determine what services you require in college. The disability staff may communicate these accommodations to faculty orally or in written form, depending on the school's process. However, it's very important for you to speak with each professor individually as well. There's no substitution for that personal contact, and it goes a long way to helping your professor understand how to help you.

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