ediONLINE Accessibility Statement


ediONLINE webinars are provided via GoToWebinar. (See www.GoToWebinar.com.) Participants using a screen reader such as Jaws to access the webinar can log into the event online and listen to the presentation either via voice over IP or by phone. Screen reader users should ask questions during live webinars by emailing questions to edionline@cornell.edu. Questions will be forwarded to the presenter and answered verbally during the live event. EDI can provide live captioning during webinars. Please submit requests for live captioning at least two weeks before the event. Closed captions and transcripts are provided for all archived videos.

Course Materials

Course materials are provided in both HTML and accessible PDF. Participants must have working knowledge of their assistive technology (e.g. Jaws), how to browse the internet via a web browser application (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), and the ability to navigate HTML (web) pages. Participants must also have working knowledge of the following desktop applications: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word.