Cornell University Program on Employment and Disability The Independence Project
Cornell University Program on Employment and Disability
Why do we value work?

Work is an important part of our identities. It gives us the ability to express our talents and interests, as well as build towards financial independence and contribute to society as a whole. This fundamental part of human expression, independence, and social contribution should be equitably available to all Americans.

Unfortunately, such is not the case.

Only a tiny fraction of Americans with disabilities are employed full-time, compared to their non-disabled counterparts, but our leaders in government and industry are working hard to afford people with disabilities the opportunity to work and achieve independence and security through their own devices.

This web-based resource brings together a wealth of information, with sections about public employment policy, research, and enabling programs and supports for people with disabilities. We hope that this information will contribute to your better understanding of how public policy is reshaping the world of work, bringing us ever closer to the realization of full employment for people with disabilities.

Here you will also find an on-line primer on public policy as it relates to employment of people with disabilities. In addition, statistical information about the progress being made in full employment, especially incidence of disability, employment status of people with disabilities, and their household incomes on a state by state basis is now available on-line.

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