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Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program

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NOW available for download: a merged LSVRSP dataset containing all data from the 8 primary LSVRSP datasets. The dataset includes the 8,818 cases with data in the Demographics and Disability Characteristics data file (CDF1). This data is available in SAS and SPSS data formats. For more information and data see the Data Exchange download page.

Do you want to know which data files and variables are available in the LSVRSP study? For a quick orientation and overview try the new DataFile Navigator.

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Welcome to the Cornell University LSVRSP website.
Here you can find all the data and information from the Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program (LSVRSP). The LSVRSP study, performed by Research Triangle Institute (RTI), followed and collected data on more than 8,500 vocational rehabilitation consumers over a period of three years through the process from application to closure and post-service outcomes. An extensive amount of information was collected for this study including: demographics, entrance information, VR services obtained, consumer satisfaction and outcomes after the service.

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If you have any questions or problems with the site please contact us the Cornell LSVRSP Team at lsvrsp@cornell.edu.
For quotations using the data in your publications please use:

LSVRSP data courtesy of School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (PED), www.lsvrsp.org (date of data download).

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