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Week: May 26 to June 1, 2013
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May 28
Online Training | Hannah Rudstam
Upcoming changes for federal contractors and subcontractors: Hiring and employing people with disabilities

Disability inclusiveness is rapidly becoming an imperative for employers.  During this session, we will explore the case for disability inclusiveness in the context of upcoming federal regulations pertaining to the ADA AA and Rehabilitation Act 503 new regulations.

Project: Northeast ADA Center
Location: Online
May 29
Training | Hannah Rudstam
Reasonable Accommodations Clinic: Real-life scenarios and dilemmas around providing reasonable accommodations in today’s workplace.

Many employers “get it” when it comes to the basics of their ADA obligations around reasonable accommodation. Yet, they may struggle with understanding real-life dilemmas around implementing reasonable accommodations in the workplace.  During this session, we will use a scenario-based approach to discuss dilemmas and challenges around providing compliant and effective accommodations.

Project: Northeast ADA Center
Location: Long Island, NY
May 29
Online Training | Sarah von Schrader
Learn about characteristics of employment discrimination charges filed under the ADA

 This new online tool provides data tables and visualizations of ADA employment discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as state and local Fair Employment Practice Agencies.

This tool is designed to be used by anyone who would like to learn more about disability discrimination charges in their state or region. The data available on the site includes state level information on:

·        ADA charges rates (ADA charge per 10,000 individuals with a disability in the labor force)

·        The percent of ADA charges citing common bases (e.g., diabetes, depression)

·        The percent of ADA charges citing common issues (e.g., discharge, reasonable accommodation)

Users can access all data through accessible tables as well as select and compare states of interest using interactive data visualizations.

This presentation will provide some background on the EEOC charge data and the development of this online tool as well as show users how to access and use this tool.

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Project: Employer Characteristics Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
May 30
Online Training | Erin Sember
New Regulations: Service Animals

This session will review the following topics: • Revised definition of service animals under the ADA • Service animal inquiries under the ADA • Differences between the ADA and other laws impacting people who use service animals (i.e. Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act)

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Project: Northeast ADA Center
Location: Online Webinar
May 30
Online Training | Bill Erickson
New tool for Disability and Compensation Data exploration

This new tool provides an easy way to explore content and the hundreds of variables related to disability and health conditions, work, compensation (e.g. pay and benefits) and employer characteristics across 11 major datasets.

This presentation will introduce this new innovative web-based free resource designed to help researchers learn:

•What datasets related to disability and compensation are out there?

•What topics are covered in each dataset?

•What are the strengths and limitations?

•How do I access the datasets? 

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Project: Employer Characteristics Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
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