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About the Employment Policy RRTC

"Advancing people with disabilities toward economic self-sufficiency"

Susanne M. Bruyère


The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment Policy for Persons with Disabilities is a collaboration between multiple departments at Cornell University, including the Employment and Disability Institute, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, and the Institute for Policy Research. This Center increases the employment and economic self-sufficiency of people with disabilities and improves the quality of their lives by contributing to the success of the transition from caretaker policies to economic self-sufficiency policies.

Center Activities

  • Generate new knowledge about the effects of past disability policy and other factors on economic self-sufficiency
  • Examine the impact of current and future initiatives designed to promote economic self-sufficiency and/or the likely success of new policy options
  • Train policy makers, researchers, educators, advocacy organizations, and persons with disabilities and their family members, through 12 or more Washington-based Disability Policy Forums
  • Train graduate students as future employment and disability policy researchers
  • Conduct a Scientific Conference and resulting conference volume
  • Provide technical assistance to consumers on policy research and evaluations methods and data
  • Provide accessible online research reports and policy briefs

About the Center

Funding Agency

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Principal Investigators

Collaborating Partners

We have assembled an expert team of collaborators within Cornell and from the disability field at large, with expertise that spans the areas of research, dissemination, policy formation, and advocacy.

Contact Us

Susanne M Bruyere, PhD
201 Dolgen Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853
Telephone: 607-255-7727
Fax: 607-255-2763

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