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Model Transition
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Model Transition Program Research and Evaluation Goals

The Employment and Disability Institute's Model Transition Program (MTP) research and evaluation team is utilizing the elements of the logic model, as conceptualized by the Kellogg Foundation ( ) and adopted by NIDRR ( as a way of understanding and evaluating MTP organizational structure and processes. The logic model identifies: project goals, measures of effectiveness, supporting activities and supporting resources. As a result, we have designed all data collection and information dissemination to address the following:

  • Quality VR Referrals and successful closures by increasing the number of youth who are successfully referred to New York�s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system by New York State schools.
  • Improved Results, exceeding national standards by increasing the percentage of youth referred into the VR system that successfully complete an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) and obtain and keep a job.
  • Increased Collaboration by examining current and newly developed school and agency relationships where resources and responsibility are shared in order to better support the successful transition of students with disabilities.
  • Sustained Practice by providing the New York State Education Department with valuable information received from MTP participants about potentially effective practices ultimately informing policy development.

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