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Model Transition
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Model Transition Program Research and Evaluation Goals

The Yang-Tan Institute's Model Transition Program (MTP) research and evaluation team is utilizing the elements of the logic model, as conceptualized by the Kellogg Foundation (http://www.wkkf.org/ ) and adopted by NIDRR (http://www.ed.gov/rschstat/research/pubs/index.html#nidrr_lrp) as a way of understanding and evaluating MTP organizational structure and processes. The logic model identifies: project goals, measures of effectiveness, supporting activities and supporting resources. As a result, we have designed all data collection and information dissemination to address the following:

  • Quality VR Referrals and successful closures by increasing the number of youth who are successfully referred to New York�s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system by New York State schools.
  • Improved Results, exceeding national standards by increasing the percentage of youth referred into the VR system that successfully complete an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) and obtain and keep a job.
  • Increased Collaboration by examining current and newly developed school and agency relationships where resources and responsibility are shared in order to better support the successful transition of students with disabilities.
  • Sustained Practice by providing the New York State Education Department with valuable information received from MTP participants about potentially effective practices ultimately informing policy development.

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