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Model Transition
Project (MTP)

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Project Goals

The Model Transition Program (MTP) is a statewide initiative funded by New York State Education Department's Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education for Individuals with Disabilities. The project has funded sixty school and agency partnerships with the goal of developing local models of collaborative service delivery to students with disabilities as they prepare to exit high school and begin their adult life.

The primary goals of the NY state Model Transition Program are:

  • More Quality Referrals
    Increase the number of youth who are successfully referred into New York's Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system by New York State schools.
  • Improved Employment Results
    Increase the percentage of youth referred into the VR system that successfully complete the VR Individualized Plan for Employment, and are successful in securing employment. This can be through postsecondary education or direct placement into the workforce, with or without agency support services.
  • Improved Collaborations
    Increase the number of school agency collaborative relationships where resources and roles are shared among service delivery partners, including (for example) schools, community agencies, VR offices, parent groups and colleges. These collaborations will be responsible for implementing project activities as stated in their proposal for funding.
  • Policy and Sustainability
    Inform the New York State Education Department about potential effective service delivery models and/or practices ultimately informing policy development.

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