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Model Transition
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TransQUAL Online is an organizational assessment tool used by New York State school districts and Boards of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES) to help improve the academic achievement and adult outcome of their students with disabilities. This tool utilizes the New York State Transition Quality Indicators Self-Assessment which was adapted from the Taxonomy for Transition Programming (P. Kohler, 1996) and assists assessment teams determine baseline needs, assess current performance, develop plans, and evaluate outcomes.

Transition Impact Data (TID)

Transition Impact Data is a web-based data collection tool developed within the Model Transition Program (MTP) to collect programmatic and student progress data. The purpose of TID is to: (1) generate information from each MTP regarding students' success, program experiences, and interagency collaboration; (2) generate data indicating the MTP's needs for training and technical assistance in evaluation, and program development; (3) inform the program's efforts on continuous quality improvement; and (4) establish panel data for research studies leading to identification of effective practices in youth transition.

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