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Model Transition Project (MTP)

Welcome to the Model Transition Program (MTP) at Cornell University's Yang-Tan Institute (YTI)!!!

The MTP is a New York State initiative that has funded sixty school and agency partnerships with the goal of developing local models of collaborative service delivery to students with disabilities as they prepare to exit high school and begin their adult life. The MTP team at EDI provides evaluative research and disseminates relevant educational materials to our stakeholders. As a result of this unique statewide initiative, future policy and funding strategies may sustain effective transition practices for students with disabilities beyond the life the MTP grant.

The period of transition to adulthood � associated with changes in one's social role marked by the expectation of being employed, completing education, living independently, developing new life-long relationships, and contributing to society � is daunting for many young people, especially for youth with disabilities (Johnson, Stodden, Emanuel, Luecking, & Mack, 2002; Osgood, Foster, Flanagan, & Ruth, 2005; Swail & Brand, 2004; Wagner, 2005). Their transition is confounded by the challenges posed by the disability condition, disadvantaged demographic characteristics (e.g., low socio-economic status, ethnic minority, single-parent homes, and homelessness), and lack of service coordination resulting from systematic barriers (Davis & Butler, 2002; Osgood et al., 2005; Stodden, Dowrick, Stodden, & Gilmore, 2000; Wagner et al., 2003). The focus of each individual MTP site is to provide effective programming and services related to transition planning, increase the number of quality vocational rehabilitation referrals and strengthen partnerships with community agencies in order to facilitate a seamless transition to adulthood for students with disabilities.

Through a variety of research practices, the EDI MTP team has designed their analysis and information dissemination activities to address the following:

  • Impact of transition and career development activities on increased quality vocational rehabilitation referrals and, ultimately, successful employment outcomes for students with disabilities.
  • Impact of local education agencies' collaborative efforts at an individual, local and regional level and its impact on successful employment and post secondary outcomes for students with disabilities
  • Identifying methods of sustaining effective transition-related practices for students with disabilities.

As a result of such activities, the EDI MTP disseminates individualized data reports for each project on a quarterly basis driving future transition decision making at a local level. In addition, the EDI MTP research team will develop a series of reports summarizing research findings and provide policy and funding recommendations to sustain potential effective practices. Training materials and web-based educational opportunities will be made available on a state and national level highlighting our findings.

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