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National Technical Assistance, Policy, and Research Center for Employers on the Employment of People with Disabilities


The National Technical Assistance, Policy, and Research Center for Employers on the Employment of People with Disabilities (National Employer TA Center, NETAC) is funded through the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy.

NETAC provides resources for employers seeking to recruit, hire, retain and advance qualified employees with disabilities.

Vision and Mission

The NETAC vision is to increase employment and workplace inclusion for people with disabilities by engaging and empowering employers to be leaders in this effort.

The NETAC mission is to be a center for excellence in supporting employers' talent acquisition and competitiveness by:

  1. 1) Empowering employers to source, hire, retain and advance qualified individuals with disabilities through technical assistance, collaboration, and information dissemination; and
  2. 2) Identifying and promoting promising employer-focused disability employment practices and policies.

Project Activities

Technical Assistance and Training

NETAC provides free, customized technical assistance and training to employers on disability employment topics through the Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN). This assistance and training includes one-on-one consultations; on-site trainings for individual organizations; and free, publically available webinars.

Workforce Recruitment Program

The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP) is a free resource through which private businesses and federal agencies nationwide can identify qualified individuals for internships and permanent positions in a variety of fields. EARN acts as the liaison for this program with private employers and conducts customized searches of the student database to identify potential candidates for specific positions.

Materials Development and Dissemination

Through EARN, the NETAC also develops materials to support employers seeking to recruit, hire, retain and advance workers disabilities. These include brochures, fact sheets and practical summaries of research. Dissemination of these materials is done through the EARN listserv, and via conferences and other events.

Circle of Champions

The Circle of Champions is composed of distinguished U.S. businesses and organizations that received the U.S. Secretary of Labor's New Freedom Initiative Award for innovative and proactive efforts to recruit, hire, and promote people with disabilities.

NETAC acts as a liaison for the Circle and provides opportunities for these companies to share their effective practices with the broader business community.


NETAC conducts outreach and dissemination to employers through two main avenues, the Employer Assistance and Resources Network, serving all employers, and eFedLink, a community of practice for federal employers.

Earn Assistance and Resource Network (EARN)

EARN supports employers in recruiting, hiring, retaining and advancing qualified individuals with disabilities through confidential, no-cost:

  • Consultation and technical assistance: EARN answers employer's questions related to employing people with disabilities by phone and online, Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time.
  • Customized training: EARN provides in-person and online training for employers on a wide range of topics related to disability employment.
  • Comprehensive online resources: EARN delivers up-to-date information on disability employment topics through its website and network
  • Links to state and local community-based organizations serving job seekers with disabilities: EARN provides targeted referral to assist employers in conducting outreach in their own communities.

eFedLink is designed to support all federal managers and human resources personnel in promoting the hiring and advancement of persons with disabilities in the federal government.

The eFedLink website contains tools to assist employers with:

  • Finding just the right web and agency resources to support their efforts
  • Interactive features for online discussions, document and media sharing among members
  • Email messaging to other users of the website
  • Strategic planning and progress development for hiring and advancement

About the Project

Funding Agency

Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor

The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), a sub-cabinet level agency in the Department of Labor, provides national leadership on disability employment policy by building collaborative partnerships and delivering authoritative and credible data to ensure that people with disabilities are fully integrated into the 21st Century workforce.

For more information, please visit

Collaborating Partners

  • US Business Leadership Network:The US Business Leadership Network® (USBLN®) is a national business to business organization that serves as the collective voice of over 60 affiliates across North America, representing over 5,000 employers. The USBLN® helps build workplaces, marketplaces, and supply chains where people with disabilities are respected for their talents, while supporting the development and expansion of its BLN affiliates.

    For more information, please visit

  • New Mexico Business Leadership Network: The New Mexico Business Leadership Network (NMBLN) is a state chapter of the USBLN. The organization describes itself as "New Mexico business leaders who collaborate with employers to promote and accomplish the business imperative of including people with disabilities in the workforce."

    For more information, please visit

  • The Conference Board:The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association. Its mission is to provide the world's leading organizations with the practical knowledge needed to improve their performance and better serve society across four main subject areas – Economy, Markets and Value Creation; Human Capital; Corporate Leadership; High-Performing Organizations.

    For more information, please visit

  • The Institute for Educational Leadership: The Institute for Educational Leadership is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C. that seeks to improve the lives of children and their families through education, mentoring partnerships, and school/family/community connections.. IEL and its partners strengthen educational leadership, and improve policies and systems in state capitals, as well as in towns and cities across America.

    For more information, please visit

Project Staff: Employment and Disability Institute


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