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About the StatsRRTC

"Improving access to reliable and useful disability statistics."

Andrew Houtenville, StatsRRTC Director


The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Demographics and Statistics (StatsRRTC) bridges the divide between the sources of disability data and the users of disability statistics. How many people with disabilities are there in the United States? What is the demographic composition of the population with disabilities? How does their social participation compare to that of people without disabilities? The goal of the StatsRRTC is assisting those collecting data to answer such questions and to help users find the answers to such questions. High quality disability-related data and statistics are needed to to support the needs of policymakers, service providers, researchers, educators, the media, and people with disabilities and their families.

Center Activities

We conduct research to explore the reliability of existing data sources and collection methods and evaluate ways to improve and expand current data collection efforts. We utilize existing data sources to provide a comprehensive and reliable set of statistics, increase access to and understanding of how statistics can be effectively used to support decision making, and work with key organizations to determine their needs and help them maximize the use of disability statistics in their ongoing efforts to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

About the Center

Funding Agency

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Principal Investigators

Collaborating Partners

We have assembled an expert team of collaborators within Cornell and from the field of disability statistics, with expertise that spans the areas of research, dissemination, policy formation, and advocacy.

External Panel of Experts

  • Barbara Altman
  • David B. Gray
  • Richard Horne
  • H. Allan Hunt
  • Thilo Kroll
  • Corinne Kirchner
  • Douglas Kruse
  • Stephen Knapp
  • Pamela Mazerski
  • Anne O'Hara
  • Lisa Bundara Sinclair
  • Beverlee Stafford
  • Sharon M. Stern

StatsRRTC Staff

  • Janice Ballou (MPR)
  • Susanne Bruy√®re, Co-PI (EDI)
  • Richard Burkhauser, Co-PI (PAM)
  • Anne Ciemnecki (MPR)
  • Karen CyBulski (MPR)
  • William Erickson (EDI)
  • Nanette Goodman (CUIPR)
  • Andrew Houtenville, Co-PI (EDI)
  • Andrew Imparato (AAPD)
  • Lita Jans (InfoUse)
  • Cyndi Jones (CAS)
  • Lewis Kraus (InfoUse)
  • Camille Lee (EDI)
  • Gina Livermore (CUIPR)
  • Elaine Maag (Urban Institute)
  • Jason Markesich (MPR)
  • Bonnie O'Day (CUIPR)
  • Marcia Scherer (IMPT)
  • Peiyun She (CUIPR)
  • David Stapleton, Co-PI (CUIPR)
  • Susan Stoddard (InfoUse)
  • William Stothers (CAS)
  • Craig Thornton (MPR)
  • David Wittenburg (MPR)

Contact Us

William Erickson
303 Dolgen Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853
Telephone: 607-255-1540
Fax: 607-255-2763

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