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The TransQUAL Resource Center supports planning efforts for continuous improvement of post-school outcomes of all youth. Visitors to this website will learn how to develop innovative transition and career development services for their youth with and without disabilities from educators, families, agencies and other resources. Features of this website include: a monthly podcast, an online discussion area, useful links to transition resources, news and announcements, frequent uses of TransQUAL Online, and downloadable documents (e.g. TransQUAL Online User's Guide).

TransQUAL Podcast: In Their Own Words

A monthly profile of people dedicated to collaboration and innovation in improving the transition of students with disabilities to life after school

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Top 5 Transition Quality Indicators

Below are the top 5 Transition Quality Indicators (TQI) that were developed into TransQUAL Work Plans across New York State school districts.

Rank # of Work Plans Question
1 50 Integrated placements are made in academic, vocational and work experience programs. Access to all program options is the same as for nondisabled peers.
2 59 Infusion of transition outcomes and services occur in all curricular areas.
3 12 Cultural and ethnic sensitivity is evident.
4 22 Flexible programming meets individual student needs.
5 20 There is administrative and community support for transition planning and services.
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