About this Program


The core of the program is a 2.5 day experience featuring small group work, self-reflective activities, case studies, interactive exercises and mini-lectures to help you learn relevant material and think through how it applies to your specific situation. You will also have the chance to get to know people from other organizations through the program activities and planned networking events. Thought-provoking pre-session work and a post-session webinar designed to reinforce learning, evaluate your progress toward self-determined goals, and highlight how the strategies presented can be effectively utilized on the job, round out the program. The interactive nature of this program requires a minimum of 15 participants, and a maximum of 20, to implement. The program will begin each day at 9:00am. On November 18th and 19th, we will conclude by 5:30pm. On November 20th, we will conclude by 1:30pm

Participant Guide- This extensive resource will guide you through the program and beyond. It clarifies the goals of each session, includes session handouts, spells out what is expected of you, and highlights how the material presented can be applied to your own situation and workplace. There is plenty of space for you to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, insights and plans throughout the program. Additional post-program readings and other tools for your continued personal and professional growth are provided.

Program Fees- The fee of $2,200 includes the 2.5 days of instructor-facilitated sessions, materials for pre-session work, Participatory Guide of all educational and program materials, breakfast and lunch each day (including the final day), a social networking hour event, and participation in the post-session webinar.


This program was carefully designed to offer a significant experience that will have considerable positive impact on the attendees and the organizations that support their participation.

For You: Through participating in this program you can identify and/or refine your professional goals; enhance your preparation for opportunities with your organization; develop and maintain effective relationships that support your professional growth; and strengthen your personal and professional potential through leveraging your unique attributes and talents.

For Your Organization: By sponsoring you in this program, your organization will strengthen the leadership skills within its workforce and help prepare you for potential opportunities to contribute and advance. Through providing this opportunity to consider the ways in which disability impacts workplace experiences, productivity, and success, organizations send a strong message about the value of a diverse workforce and the benefits of capitalizing on the unique talents and opportunities of all employees.


Exploring the Leader Within

This session will provide context for thinking about leadership, and help participants begin to explore and understand their own leadership orientation.

Personal Empowerment and Mastery

This session is to draw attention to the intersection between the lived experience of disability and the concept of personal empowerment relative to effectively negotiating and navigating workplace cultural norms.

Understanding and Using Your Strengths and Skills

This session will focus on understanding and leveraging the unique strengths and talents you bring to a leadership role.

Goal Setting and Career Planning

This session will help to facilitate the integration of leadership theory presented in prior sessions, discussion and experiential activities participants have had up to this point with the leadership goals/objectives that were identified through pre-session assignments, and to refine those goals/objectives as necessary.

Effective Workplace Communication

This session will explore effective communication skills and strategies, and provide an opportunity to reflect on how disability, or others’ perceptions about disability, may impact the communication process. It will highlight the importance of effective communication for career advancement and for strengthening relations with others.

Each day begins and ends with an activity designed to introduce and/or reinforce information from other sessions, allowing time for reflecting on and processing key concepts. The closing session will feature a panel of professionals familiar with career development and disability who will respond to participants’ questions and offer insights from their own professional experiences and career journey.

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