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Arun Karpur

Arun Karpur

Extension Faculty
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Trained as a medical doctor and an epidemiologist, I currently serve as Research Faculty at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations in the Employment & Disability Institute. My research focuses on examining the role of employment and community engagement in eliminating health and health disparities among people with disabilities. In addition, I lead several program evaluation efforts in impact assessment and cost-effectiveness analysis informing policy-makers and practitioners of various educational and vocational rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities.

I have led quantitative data collection and multi-level program evaluation efforts of large multi-site transition to adulthood demonstration program in NY State and nationally. I have been trained by Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) in Group Randomized Clinical Trial designs in program and public policy research.

I am exploring how health and access to healthcare has a bearing on social and economic outcomes among people with disabilities. For example one of my researches is examining the role of employer-benefits in job-mobility among employed people with disabilities accounting for their healthcare needs and other chronic conditions. My research also examines the potential role of work-place wellness programs in reducing healthcare expenditures among employed people with disabilities, accounting for workplace characteristics. Further through the examination of Medicaid-buy-in program, I am studying the role employment plays in reducing health care expenditures and healthcare outcomes for people with disabilities within our Medicaid Infrastructure Grant initiative. I am also conducting analysis of secondary data sets to study patterns of obesity and secondary conditions among young people with disabilities and studying the role of engagement in work and education on prevalence of obesity among these young people.

I also serve as a research collaborator with the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX on an NIH funded initiative on Large Datasets in Rehabilitation Research.

I currently lead a team of experts at Cornell University in medicine, public health, nutrition sciences, labor economics, and design & environmental sciences to develop a transdisciplinary approach to address health disparities among people with disabilities. I established this transdisciplinary group for systematically problematizing, and identifying program and policy-based interventions that transcend various disciplines for eliminating health disparities among people with disabilities.

I am also engaged in international public policy research. I have helped in establishing a unique public policy research institution in India along with my colleagues at Cornell Institute of Public Affairs and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. This institute – Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement (GRAAM ) – is conceptualized to examining the impact of public health policies from the perspective of people, utilizing principles of community based participatory action research. Also, I have been instrumental in providing research guidance for special investigations in detecting leakages in public food distribution systems in India.

Through my international work, I also mentor students at Cornell in international service learning programs and provide research consultations to my peers and associates. I guest lecture in several graduate and under-graduate courses at ILR School, Cornell Institute of Public Affairs and Global Health Minor Program, College of Human Ecology.


MBBS* – 2000 – Mysore Medical College, Karnataka, India
MPH (Epidemiology) – 2004 – College of Public Health, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Permanent Medical License to practice Medicine in India

*MBBS is equivalent to MD degree in US