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David Brewer

David Brewer

Extension Faculty
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David Brewer is on program teaching staff with Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations Extension Division at Cornell University. He is the Program Lead for the Educational Achievement and Transition Unit, and Principal Investigator for the New York State Transition Professional Development Service Center, and the New York State Model Transition Program Evaluation. He is working with the U.S. Department of Labor to create two web based resources for employers of people with disability: and the federal Community of Practice -- to increase employment for people with disabilities. He has developed policy recommendations, resource materials and curricula for the New York State Education Department on the subject of student self-determination. Mr. Brewer collaborated with the University of Oregon as the New York State Liaison for a federal grant, the Next STEP Curriculum Project, an approach to teach students to direct their future planning process. He has over thirty years of experience working the area of special education and transition from school to adult life, and holds a Permanent New York State Teaching Certificate in Special Education.


M.S. 1981 - Portland State University, Education
B.S. 1980 - Portland State University, Education