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Improving Student Transitions to Life after High School

Welcome to TransQUAL Online  

TransQUAL Online is an organizational assessment tool used by New York State school districts and Boards of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES) to help improve the academic achievement and adult outcome of their students with disabilities. This tool utilizes the New York State Transition Quality Indicators Self-Assessment which was adapted from the Taxonomy for Transition Programming (P. Kohler, 1996) and assists assessment teams determine baseline needs, assess current performance, develop plans, and evaluate outcomes.

TransQUAL Podcasts: In Their Own Words  

A monthly profile of people dedicated to collaboration and innovation in improving the transition of students with disabilities to life after school

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About the TransQUAL Resource Center  

The TransQUAL Resource Center supports collaboration and continuous improvement of transition services with school districts across New York State through the use of TransQUAL Online.

The TransQUAL Resource Center provides the following services:

Technical Support: Electronic, telephone, and on-site assistance to assist with the effective uses of TransQUAL Online.

Training: Professional development activities at Cornell University and across New York State to audiences interested in learning about collaborative planning through the use of this online toolkit.

Training Materials: User's guides and various other media supporting the effective uses of TransQUAL Online, along with reports that detail how this online toolkit is in use by New York State's schools.


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Preliminary Questions 10/2006
Indicators 10/2006
Workplan 10/2005
Progress Report 10/2008
User's Guide 11/2007
Presentation 11/2007
December 2008 Report (PDF | HTML) 01/2009


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