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ADA, Accommodation & Accessible IT

Wendy Strobel

Wendy Strobel
Extension Faculty
Northeast ADA Center

Understanding implementation strategies of the Americans with Disabilities Act has been a main focus of the Yang-Tan Institute since 1991. Yang-Tan Institute has focused on training, technical assistance and material development for employers, businesses, disability service and advocacy organizations, educational entities and other state and local governmental organizations. YTI has also conducted high quality research on employment practices related to accommodation strategies in both the public and private sectors and the use of information technology in human resource processes and accommodation considerations for persons with disabilities.


Northeast ADA Center

YTI provides quality training, technical assistance and materials on the ADA and accessible information technology throughout all of Federal Region II: New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We are a neutral resource for employers, businesses, educational entities, disability advocacy organizations and individuals with disabilities.

Community College Web Accessibility: Field Initiated Development Project

YTI will examine the state of web accessibility in the U.S. community college network and identify I.T. accessibility barriers for students with disabilities and ways to address them by first reviewing 30 online community college application processes and performing a telephone survey across all community colleges nationally. Based on these findings, informational briefs detailing the study's findings and recommendations for systems change will be designed and disseminated to key representatives in the national community college network.

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