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One-Stop Access for All

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One-Stop Access for All


Universal Access-NY is a complete online planning toolkit, where a One-Stop Delivery System can continuously assess its practices, and develop work plans to improve physical and programmatic accessibility for all One-Stop customers. This web site was designed for use in a collaborative manner, bringing together One-Stop personnel, agency partners, business leaders and customers with disabilities.

Features of Universal Access New York

Password-Protected Accounts: Each One-Stop has its own unique account. When a One-Stop planning team signs in, they view their contact information, team members, and the results of previous planning efforts.

Collaborative Self-Assessment: The self-assessment portion of the online toolkit is made up of 76 indicators, which have been sorted into the following 5 categories: 1) Outreach and Intake; 2) Physical Access; 3) Service Delivery; 4) Youth; and 5) Technology.

One-Stop planning teams have the opportunity to select one or more of these areas for further study. Planning teams quickly prioritize one or more indicators for work plan development.

Work Plan Development: Once an indicator has been selected for work plan development, Universal Access-NY brings the planning team to a work plan development web page.

Help and Discussion Forums: Universal Access-NY planning teams can navigate to a list of Internet links, organized by the 5 categories above, of effective national practices and resources.

Teams may also engage in threaded discussions to make announcements or pose questions to a growing online community of end-users.

About the Project

Funding Agency

New York State Department of Labor

Principal Investigator

Thomas Golden


Contact Us

David Brewer
201 Dolgen Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-254-4696
Fax: 607-255-2763
Email: drb22@cornell.edu

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